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Phantasma | Submissions Closed

Phantasma: A supernatural being, such as a ghost, an illusory mental image, or an erroneous perception of reality.

Open call for our first annual spook show! We are looking for curiosities, oddities, dark, grotesque and moody artwork to fill these walls. Halloween is one of my favorite times of year, and I take it VERY seriously. We don’t do cutesy pumpkins here, lets get creepy!


  • Submissions accepted through AUGUST 21

  • Notification of submission status will be sent AUGUST 28

  • Installation pitches will be accepted. One installation pitch per form.

  • All 2d work must be under 5’x5’

  • This show will be juried.

  • You may attach up to four works, or one installation pitch per submission. One submission form = $20, if you wish to send in MORE than the FOUR works included, or more than one installation pitch, feel free to fill out another $20 submission form.

Thank you all, we can’t wait to see what you all send!


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