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March 24 to May 5

an exhibition of art & poetry

Disruption (n.) 1. the act or process of disrupting something : a break or interruption in the normal course or continuation of some activity, process, etc 2. disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity, or process 3. radical change to an existing industry or market

Disruption is an exhibit of Art & Poetry. Artists and poets are the storytellers of human history. People are unique, yet the same in so many ways, but even while living together we can have very different perspectives of our shared experiences. Disruption is a part of our daily life and can be as minor as a cat on your lap disrupting a task, or as extreme as a tsunami disrupting an entire landscape and thousands of lives. It can be negative or positive, and even when it's a negative event can spur positive growth. Please submit work that reflects or represents on some type of disruption you've witnessed, experienced or wish you could trigger. What's most important is your interpretation, not ours. The prompt is for inspiration, not limitation.

  • Installation pitches will be accepted. One installation pitch per form.

  • All 2d or 3d work must be under 48" on any side.

  • Photos of submitted work must be print quality (300dpi), you may include 2 photos per submission.

  • If your piece is framed include one photo that shows the current frame.

  • Work must be properly wired, in gallery ready condition and ready to hang.

  • Unusual display requirements must be discussed with the gallerist in advance with appropriate supplies provided by the artist.

  • You may attach up to four works or one installation pitch per submission.

Dates of note:

  • Submissions accepted through March 3.

  • Notification of acceptance status will be sent March 5.

  • Art Drop off Friday March 10 & Saturday March 11.

  • Art Pick Up Friday May 5 & Saturday May 6.

Submission fee $20

If you wish to send in MORE than FOUR works, or more than one installation pitch, you may complete another $20 submission form.

Gallery Commission 40%, we cover processing fees and sales tax.

Updated: Jan 27

A one man show featuring the work of Dan Panachyda
Exhibit from February 3 to March 10

Join us for our first featured artist show featuring the work of Dan Panachyda. Dan is a local artist who brought his family to Lansdale in 1980. He spent his life immersed in the arts as a graphic designer working with famed designers and major brands from New York City to Philadelphia.

When he left the field of graphic design he was able to explore the arts in a different way. Painting and creating without a client provided the freedom to explore his own self expression without limits.

Join us for the Opening Reception, February 3 from 6 to 9 pm to meet Dan and see the world through his eyes in his abstract and representational works that all have a sense of tranquility and grace that is his unique gift to us all. The show will be up until March 10 when we will host a closing event from 6 to 8 pm.


Portfolio Reviews are available every Tuesday from 6:30 - 8:30pm through January 10.

Portfolio Prep & Review is hosted by Kaitlyn Coppens, Gallerist and graduate of Moravian College in Bethlehem. She will help students ensure they comply with the college's portfolio requirements and guide their selection of portfolio pieces that showcase their best work.

We recommend 4 sessions, one to review the school's requirements and the student's work to make a plan, followed by 2 work sessions and the final one which will be used to review everything again and add finishing touches as needed.

If you need more time, you can add an extra session or two. Each session is $27 or 4 for $100

You can book your sessions here:

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