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Swoon for the love of art

Friday, July 28 - Friday, September 8

Swoon (swu:n) INTRANSITIVE VERB 1. to faint; lose consciousness 2. to enter a state of hysterical rapture or joy

This show is all about joy. Submit your favorites, the pieces you love that bring you joy because of what inspired them, or the process you used to create them or because you love everything about them.

  • Installation pitches will be accepted. One installation pitch per form.

  • Eclipse is a family friendly space, so while partial nudity is ok, art with full frontal nudity or overtly sexual imagery is not.

  • All 2d or 3d work must be under 48" on any side.

  • Photos of submitted work must be print quality (300dpi), you may include 2 photos per submission.

  • If your piece is framed include one photo that shows the current frame.

  • Work must be properly wired, in gallery ready condition and ready to hang.

  • Unusual display requirements must be discussed with the gallerist in advance with appropriate supplies provided by the artist.

  • You may attach up to four works or one installation pitch per submission.

Dates of note:

  • Submissions accepted through July 7.

  • Notification of acceptance status will be sent by July 9.

  • Art Drop off Friday July 14 & Saturday July 15.

  • Art Pick Up Friday September 8 & Saturday September 9.

Submission fee $20

If you wish to send in MORE than FOUR works, or more than one installation pitch, you may complete another $20 submission form.

Gallery Commission 40%, we cover processing fees and sales tax.


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