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Open Call for Luminescence

Show from November 19 through January 7

Luminescence: emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat (synonyms) flare, gleam, glow, illumination, radiance, shine

The shorter days of winter and the holiday season are still full of light - flickering candles, twinkling trees, the glisten of a tear, the flush of a cheek, the warm glow of a window welcoming you home…luminous, comforting, sometimes with a touch of melancholy and reminiscence of joy.

This show will be limited to small works of original art to share the luminescence of the season with others. Photography, 2d and 3d work is welcome but must be 18” or less on any side. This show will run until January 7, but sold works will be permitted to be taken off the wall December 4 for Hanukkah and December 18 through the closing for Christmas and Kwanzaa gift giving.

Submissions accepted through October 26.

Notification of submission status will be sent October 29.

  • Installation pitches will be accepted. One installation pitch per form.

  • All 2d or 3d work must be under 18" on any side.

  • Photos of submitted must be print quality (300dpi), you may include 2 photos per submission.

  • If your piece is framed make sure at least one of your photos shows the current frame.

  • This show will be juried.

  • You may attach up to four works or one installation pitch per submission.

Submission fee $20

If you wish to send in MORE than FOUR works, or more than one installation pitch, you may complete another $20 submission form.

Gallery Commission 40%, we cover processing fees and sales tax.


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