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Welcome Mandy!

We are so happy to welcome Amanda (Mandy) Greenfield as an instructor at Eclipse.

Mandy grew up on the Jersey shore and has called Hatfield home for over 16 years. She has a degree in creative writing and is a current Master of Fine Arts Student for the same discipline. She is a writer of romance novels and has also been painting with acrylics on various recycled surfaces like old canvas, wood and paper for over 20 years. She loves painting landscapes, mainly the mountains and the woods where she feels most at home. She enjoys hiking, comedy, her dogs, and most of all, spending time with her hubby and three boys.

Right now Mandy has 2 classes on the schedule; a journaling workshop and a creative writing class. You can find details about the journal workshop here: Journaling with Mandy | EclipseC3 and the writing workshop here: Creative Writing Workshop | EclipseC3 Mandy is an engaging teacher whose warm personality and great sense of humor create the perfect environment for being creative and trying something new.


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